Designing a Girls' Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul:

Designing a girls’ bedroom decor in Istanbul can hold significant personalization for anyone owning a multi-room house and wanting to provide a separate space for girls. Since most girls favor unique designs filled with feminine touches and bright colors, it’s crucial for any interior designer to consider these aspects when designing girls’ bedroom decor. In this article, we will share some distinctive ideas for achieving a special girls’ bedroom decor design in Istanbul. Continue reading with us.

Designing a Girls' Bedroom Decor in Istanbul
Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

Ideas for Girls’ Bedroom Decor Design in Istanbul:

The design of a girls’ bedroom decor in Istanbul can be based on the girl’s own style and preferences. Here are

some ideas worth considering :

Colors and Walls:

  • Use soft and calming colors like light pink, sky blue, purple, or light yellow.
  • You can also use effect paints such as glossy paints or patterned wall paints.


  • Choose furniture that harmonizes with the room’s colors and overall style.
  • The furniture can be adorned with delicate designs or feminine details.


  • Soft and decorative rugs can be a wonderful addition to the room.
  • Tiles or hardwood flooring can also be good, easy-to-clean options.


  • Use soft and warm lighting with multiple options such as table lamps, pendant lights, and wall lights.
  • Consider touch lamps or remote-controlled lights for added comfort.


  • Hang art pieces or personal photos on the wall to add a personal touch to the room.
  • Use pillows, curtains, rugs, and bedspreads to add different patterns and colors.


  • Use storage furniture like cabinets and shelves to help organize the room and store personal items.

Activity Corners:

  • If the girl enjoys reading, provide a comfortable chair and a small bookshelf.
  • For those who love arts and crafts, offer a space for these activities.

Personal Touches:

  • To remind her that it’s her room, try to include personal touches that reflect her interests and personality.

Study Space:

  • If the girl is a teenager or if studying is a significant part of her life, provide a comfortable and organized desk.

Cleanliness and Organization:

  • Keep the room clean and offer organizing tools to help her keep her belongings in order.
Designing a Girls' Bedroom Decor in Istanbul
Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

Tips for Making the Space Look Bigger When Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul:

If you wish to make the girls’ bedroom space appear larger and more spacious, you can follow these tips:

Use Light Colors:
Employ light wall colors such as white, and pastel shades like sky blue or light pink. These colors reflect light and make the room appear larger.

Good Organization and Storage:
Invest in smart furniture that provides additional storage space such as beds with built-in drawers underneath, wall shelves, and mirrored cabinets.

Maintain good organization of clothes and personal items to minimize clutter.

Use of Mirrors:
Placing a large mirror on the wall can create a reflection of light and make the room appear larger and more refreshing.

Good Lighting:
Use good lighting that spreads evenly across the room, and choose lamps with a warm color temperature to add warmth.

Small Furniture:
Opt for small-sized furniture with simple designs. Low-height furniture can give the impression that the space is larger.

Simple Fabrics:
Prefer simple and sheer fabrics like thin curtains and light bedspreads. This can make the room appear larger and more fluid.

Avoid Overdecorating:
Avoid cluttering the room with excess decorations and furniture. Choose essential pieces that reflect the room’s style.

Use Sliding Furniture:
Look for sliding furniture that can be folded or slid away to achieve additional space when needed.

Wall Shelves Usage:
Utilize wall shelves to display items and save floor space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture:
Look for multi-purpose furniture pieces like a bed with storage drawers underneath.”

Designing a Girls' Bedroom Decor in Istanbul
Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

What are the best colors used in decorating a girls’ bedroom in Istanbul:

When initiating the design of a girls’ bedroom decor, the choice of color scheme largely depends on the girl’s preferences and the desired decor style. Nevertheless, there are some common colors that can work well in girls’ rooms and create a suitable atmosphere:

Pink is a traditional color for girls’ room decor and comes in a variety of shades. It can be used as a primary color or as an accent in the decor.

Purple is an attractive and vibrant color that can add a touch of elegance to the room.

Blue can be a calming and relaxing color for the room. Light blue can create a sense of freshness, while dark blue can give the room a sophisticated look.

Yellow can be a bright and cheerful color. When used in balance, it can be an enjoyable color.

Green can be refreshing and bring a sense of nature. Light green can be calming, while vibrant green can be playful.

Violet is an elegant color and is often associated with femininity and delicacy.

Neutral Colors:
Neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige can be used as base or background colors for the room, then adding vibrant colors as touches of vitality and elegance.

Mixed Colors:
You can also mix several colors together to create a lively and unique atmosphere in the room.

Keep in mind to achieve a balance among colors and avoid overusing a particular color. You can also use colors to highlight specific details like pillows or artwork.

Designing a Girls' Bedroom Decor in Istanbul
Designing a Girls’ Bedroom Decor in Istanbul

Maintaining Privacy in Designing a Girls’ Bedroom in Istanbul:

Girls always have their unique needs; therefore, when designing the decor of a girls’ bedroom, it is essential to consider certain aspects and provide them with ample privacy. The execution of a girls’ bedroom decor in Istanbul should maintain privacy, depending on several factors. Here are some tips to achieve this goal:

Color and Furniture Selection:

  • Use soothing and calming colors for the room, such as pastel shades.
  • Choose furniture with simple and elegant designs.

Curtains and Shutters:

  • Utilize curtains or shutters to provide privacy. Thick curtains or blackout curtains can be used to control the level of light and privacy.

Privacy Screens:

  • Consider using privacy screens (frosted glass or separate panels) to divide the room if you have more than one girl sharing the room.

Bed Design:

  • Use a bed with a concealing design to increase privacy. Curtains around the bed can also be used for additional privacy.

Personal Storage:

  • Provide each girl with private storage spaces to maintain her privacy. Drawers and closed cabinets can be used.

Personal Decor:

  • Allow each girl sharing the room to choose some decorations and personal touches that reflect her personality.

Private Area for Each Girl:

  • If space permits, provide private areas for each girl, such as a small seating area or a personal desk.

Appropriate Lighting:

  • Use adjustable lighting to control the room’s illumination and adjust it according to each girl’s needs.

Paintings and Personal Photos:

  • Provide space for the girls to display paintings and personal photos they like without sharing them with others if they prefer privacy.

Guidance for Understanding:

  • Encourage girls to understand the importance of mutual respect for each other’s privacy and cooperate in keeping the room organized and tidy.


In designing a girls’ bedroom in Istanbul, do not solely rely on your personal opinions. It is crucial to consider the girl’s perspective for whom the room’s decor is being designed so that she is satisfied with the room and can live in it happily and comfortably. Therefore, designing a girls’ bedroom in Istanbul requires a professional interior designer capable of infusing the room with vitality, beauty, and privacy significantly. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best design of girls’ bedroom decor in Istanbul, as we are an experienced interior design company in Istanbul.

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