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Dental clinic interior design

There is a widespread feeling among people, which is the fear of visiting the dentist, especially among children. Therefore, it is important to prepare your children well for the dentist’s visit and encourage them to take care of their teeth.

It is necessary.

  • Providing suitable and beautiful designs for both adults and children, such as soothing light colors.
  • Having appropriate lighting along with large windows to let in an appropriate amount of sunlight.
  • Decorating the walls or placing beautiful stickers.
  • When displaying a specific poster, it is good to enlarge it so that it is larger than an A4 paper size, making it simple, understandable and attractive. Infographics can be used for this purpose.
  • Placing comfortable waiting chairs that are not made of iron or any material that may feel cold.
  • Selecting beautiful colors that suit the room’s walls.
  • If the room is light in color, it is appropriate to choose chairs with slightly darker colors.
  • Placing decorations such as artificial flowers and play areas for children.

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