The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

For those seeking a distinctive and unconventional design for their apartment in Istanbul, the Ottoman decor style might be of interest. Recognized as one of the most beautiful decor styles globally, Ottoman design elements offer a refined and luxurious aesthetic for apartment decor in Istanbul. In this article, we will delve into the Ottoman decor style that can be applied to create an elegant and opulent apartment decor in Istanbul.

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul
The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

What is Ottoman Decor Style :

The Ottoman decor style is an artistic and interior design pattern rooted in Ottoman art and culture, which flourished during the Ottoman Empire, spanning from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. This empire encompassed a significant part of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa.

The distinctive features of Ottoman decor include luxury and rich ornamental details, blending intricate geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and meticulous handcrafted details. Opulent materials such as intricately carved wood, precious metals, stained glass, and luxurious fabrics are used to create unique decor pieces.

Traditional Ottoman decor elements comprise luxurious furniture like ornate sofas, embellished chairs, decorative tables, exquisite carpets, beautiful embroideries, elaborately decorated pendant and wall lamps, sculptures, and sculpted ornaments.

The Ottoman decor style is a fusion of luxurious Eastern aesthetics and classical elegance, showcasing influences from Arabic, Persian, and Byzantine styles. It is ideal for those seeking a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance in their homes or commercial spaces like upscale hotels and restaurants.

It’s worth noting that the Ottoman decor style can be adapted to suit modern tastes and preferences while retaining its traditional essence and Ottoman luxury.

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul
The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

Tips for Implementing Ottoman Decor Style in Istanbul Apartment Decoration

Here are some useful tips for applying Ottoman decor style in decorating an apartment in Istanbul to achieve an elegant decor

1. Colors and Walls

   – Utilize rich and warm colors like deep blue, crimson red, green, and dark brown. Incorporate golden and bronze tones as distinctive hues.

   – Apply paints or wallpapers resembling traditional Ottoman patterns such as geometric designs, floral motifs, and intricate embroidery.

2. Furniture and Details

   – Choose furniture pieces bearing the Ottoman aesthetic, such as ornate sofas, intricately carved-legged seats, and decorative tables.

   – Use luxurious fabrics like silk, brocade, and velvet for upholstering furniture and crafting cushions.

   – Add metallic details like brass and bronze on furniture, lamps, and decorative elements.

3. Curtains and Furnishings

   – Use heavy, intricately patterned fabrics for curtains like brocade and luxurious embroidery.

   – Embellish curtains with sequins, beads, and decorative trims.

   – Utilize luxurious, embellished carpets to cover floors, adding a warm and lavish touch to spaces.

4. Lighting

   – Employ pendant lights and wall lamps with intricate decorative details and geometric designs.

   – Decorative pendant lights featuring colored glass panels can add an artistic and warm ambiance.

5. Decorative Details

   – Introduce wooden, brass, or bronze sculptures and ornamental carvings to provide a traditional and luxurious touch.

   – Use embroidered fabrics for table coverings, cushions, and other furnishings.

   – Hang artistic paintings depicting Ottoman scenes or bearing Eastern motifs.

These tips serve as a guide to implementing the Ottoman decor style in your home. Customize and apply them according to your home’s size, style, and personal taste to blend Ottoman aesthetics with your desired decor when seeking a beautifully refined decoration for your apartment in Istanbul.

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul
The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul

What are the Common Colors in Ottoman Decor Style :

In Ottoman decor style, colors exhibit richness and diversity, employing a wide range to infuse luxury and vibrancy into the decor. Here are some common colors in Ottoman decor style

1. Dark Blue

   Dark blue is a prevalent color in Ottoman decor, symbolizing sophistication, serenity, and elegance. It can be seen in curtains, embroideries, and decorative details.

2. Deep Red

   Deep red is a distinctive color in Ottoman decor, adding warmth, grandeur, and richness to spaces. It appears in colorful fabrics, cushions, carpets, and sculpted details.

3. Gold and Bronze

   Gold and bronze are essential colors in Ottoman decor, used to evoke luxury, opulence, and brilliance. These hues adorn furniture, sculptures, and ornate metal details.

4. Green and Emerald

   Green and emerald are used to depict nature and vitality in Ottoman decor. These colors feature in fabrics, embroideries, wall panels, and sculpted ornaments.

5. Dark Brown and Purple

   Dark brown and purple add warmth and sophistication to Ottoman decor. These colors can be observed in furniture, curtains, and wooden details.

Each of these colors contributes uniquely to the opulent and elegant ambiance associated with Ottoman decor, creating a distinctive and captivating aesthetic.

Useful Tips for a Stunning Apartment Decor in Istanbul:

You can benefit from these tips to achieve an attractive, sophisticated, and luxurious apartment decor in Istanbul, while adding your personal touch to the apartment’s design. Here are some of these tips:

1. Draw Inspiration from Local Culture:

Leverage the beauty and culture of Istanbul in designing your apartment’s decor. Draw inspiration from traditional elements and distinctive Turkish designs such as handmade carpets, printed fabrics, and traditional embroideries. You can also use bright colors and beautiful geometric patterns inspired by Ottoman architecture.

2. Harness Surrounding Nature:

Istanbul is a city blessed with a beautiful location along the Bosphorus Strait, surrounded by stunning nature. Make use of this beauty in your apartment’s decor by using vases filled with natural flowers, indoor plants, and natural-inspired colors from the surrounding sea and forests.

3. Retain Traditional Elements:

Integrate traditional and heritage elements into your apartment’s decor to impart a unique touch and authenticity. Use traditional wooden furniture or traditional artistic panels, and employ colorful handmade carpets to create a warm and comforting ambiance.

4. Focus on Natural Lighting:

Leverage the abundant natural lighting in Istanbul by using light and sheer curtains that allow ample natural light into the apartment. Organize the space to allow the flow and distribution of light effectively in all rooms.

5. Smart Space Utilization:

The biggest challenge in Istanbul apartments is limited space, so you need to be smart in utilizing the available space. Use built-in furniture and smart storage solutions like storage beds or wall shelves to save space and achieve better organization.

6. Subtle Colors and Simple Patterns:

Utilize subtle colors and simple patterns in your apartment’s decor to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Choose colors such as white, beige, and light gray for walls, floors, and furniture, and use clean lines and simple designs in the overall decor.

7. Attention to Detail:

Small details like cushions, curtains, and accessories can add a personal and unique touch to your apartment’s decor. Choose unique pieces and personalize them to reflect your unique taste.

8. Consultation with an Interior Designer:

If you feel the need for additional help in designing your apartment’s decor, it might be a good idea to consult a professional interior designer. Local designers in Istanbul can offer you innovative advice and ideas that suit your taste and budget.

The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul
The Ottoman decor style and its use in apartment decor in Istanbul


The Ottoman style in decor design is among the most beautiful and elegant types of decor. It is derived from several different cultures with unique additions made to this enchanting architectural style. You can contact us to get the most beautiful decor design for your home if you buy an apartment in Istanbul. Many who purchase properties in Istanbul, especially homes, seek the best company to design their apartment decor in Istanbul uniquely and elegantly. Therefore, we are here to assist you in this field through our extensive experience in designing and executing decor.

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